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Why Nicaragua

  • For the dramatic beauty of its Southwest Pacific Coast with hundreds of secluded bays sheltering the most pristine sandy beaches.
  • For its pleasantly warm climate with mean temperatures between 68° and 86° F year round, (20° to 30° C) depending on the altitude.
  • For the friendliness of its people and their welcoming attitude towards those that choose to retire in their country.
  • For its very low crime rates. Nicaragua is considered one of the safest countries in all of Central America.
  • For the low cost of living. You can easily find a style of living that will adjust to your pension cheque.
  • For the excellent Residency Program for retirees, one of the best offered in the world.

We could tell you more about all the reasons that brought us to Nicaragua, a country we had been visiting since 1997 and where we made our home in 2002. But since it is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we prefer to let experts that have travelled the world over, exploring and comparing the best places where adults could retire, tell you why they see Nicaragua as a retirement “heaven.”

“Affordable, Safe, and Beautiful”

This is how Jackie Flynn, publisher of International Living, has summarized Nicaragua.

Kathleen Peddicord (from Live and Invest Overseas - on Money-US News) surprised many when she moved Nicaragua to first rank as the World Retirement Haven for 2011 for its super affordability. She specifically mentions the cities of Leon, Granada and San Juan del Sur. To the ex-pats living in Nicaragua, it was no surprise at all. She explains the reasons for her choice:

“Nicaragua is more attractive than ever for one important reason: It's a super cheap place to live. I've been a fan of this misunderstood country since my first visit nearly 20 years ago. Property values, especially for beachfront property along the Pacific, reached bubble status last decade. Today prices are more realistic and more negotiable. In the meantime, the cost-of-living has remained seriously low. And last year Nicaragua inaugurated a new and improved foreign retiree residency program. For all these reasons, 2011 is the time to put this country at the top of your super-cheap overseas retirement list.”

Dan Prescher of International Living says:

“Nicaragua’s dramatic Southwest Pacific coast has been described as ‘Southern California at 1950s prices’ for a good reason. The topography is identical, with hundreds of secluded bays sheltered between massive headlands jutting into the Pacific, creating some of the best surf and swimming beaches on the planet.... However, circumstances have combined to make prices along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast some of the lowest available anywhere in the world for comparable property

“A Rising Star in 2011” (Margaret Summerfield, The Pathfinder Alert):

“It's moving up the rankings of travel and retirement publications... rating as a top spot to explore in 2011. It's an exotic land, where you can swim in crater lakes, trek through misty cloud forests, surf the warm Pacific waves, or snorkel in clear Caribbean water. But you're off the beaten track. This place is becoming better-known...but it's not quite mainstream yet. It's Nicaragua.” (...) “The AARP decided that Nicaragua rates as a top retirement destination because of its affordability and laid-back lifestyle… For 2011, Nicaragua ranks as a top destination with Lonely Planet, Travelage West and Shermans Travel. Lonely Planet liked its value, reckoning that careful travelers could get by on $15 a day here. Shermans rated it as an ecotourism and adventure sport destination, with deserted beaches, volcanic islands, and pristine nature. And Travelage West favored it as a more authentic travel experience than Costa Rica.”

Summerfield described Nicaragua as one of the most beautiful countries in the Americas with, among other characteristics, its dramatic Pacific coastline and considers that the popular town of San Juan del Sur in the southern part of the country has some of the best surfing in Central America.

“This charming beach town, with world-class restaurants and idyllic hill-top homes, is quickly becoming a hotspot for North American expats… Nicaragua is virtually unknown—and usually misunderstood—by most people, which is why forward-thinking investors can find some of the best real estate deals on Earth in this country.


Retirement in North America and in Europe has become more and more difficult as, after a life spent in the labour force, you hope to be able to maintain the same standard of living that you had while working. Instead, you see your income and your savings eroding dramatically year after year, and this is one of the reasons why investors and retirees are looking abroad to help minimize their tax burden while protecting their assets. All are looking to get the most from their retirement dollars, but they need to know where their best retirement options are.

The “baby-boomer” generation, as well as other retirees and the younger ones already planning their retirement, have been attracted for many years to Nicaragua, not only for the beauty of its country and its great sandy beaches, but also because property prices are realistic in what is now considered a buyer’s market.

The Nicaraguan Government encourages retirees from all over the world to relocate here and the new Law for the Promotion of the Immigration of Resident Retirees (Law 694) passed on June 18, 2009 offers enormous benefits for those applying for residency in this country. You are eligible if you receive a minimum monthly pension of US$600, plus an additional income of US$150 per month for each of the members of your family that will join you in Nicaragua. You will be allowed to import up to US$20,000 of your household goods without paying import tax and a car for personal use (You can get more detailed information directly from the Nicaraguan Government or their Consular Offices in your country, or by contacting us).

In Nicaragua you can attain a standard of living that you could only dream of in North America or Europe. For example, a full-time (48 hrs/wk) maid or gardener will cost you approximately US$132 per month! You do not need to be rich to allow yourself little luxuries.

Nicaragua’s infrastructure has improved immensely in the last 10 years and you will now find several first class roads across the country. For example, the 140 km from the airport in Managua to San Juan del Sur where Pueblo Santa Fe is located is one of the best of Nicaragua. You can also get high-quality health care at very reasonable prices in one of the hospitals or private clinics in some of the larger cities across the country.

For all of the above reasons and many more you will realize that Nicaragua has all the qualities to become your retirement paradise!

Why Choose San Juan del Sur

There are many reasons why San Juan del Sur, once a sleepy fishing village on the Pacific coast near the Costa Rican border, has become a favourite destination for retirees from all over the world. Although the town hosts a large ex-pat community and a variety of modern conveniences, its local cultural charm still remains vivid.

If beaches are your attraction, in the San Juan del Sur area you will find many unbelievably beautiful beaches to choose from for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, or simply walking barefoot on the sand or enjoying the sunset. Some of the beaches in the area provide world class surfing and are used to host international competitions.

On the waterfront you can watch the fishing boats arrive with the catch of the day (or of the night) or enjoy a fresh fish at one of the numerous seaside restaurants. In this small town you will discover a surprisingly high number of restaurants offering – in addition to fish, seafood and other local dishes – a wide variety of international cuisine including Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean, American/Canadian, Peruvian, etc.

Other activities that can be enjoyed in and around San Juan del Sur are sailing, deep sea fishing, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, horseback riding and tree canopy tours, or you can go to a jungle paintball site or a Frisbee golf course. On the quieter side, you can spend the day in the natural environment watching and photographing birds or howler monkeys. Or if you prefer to stay in town, you can enjoy shopping at the numerous clothing stores, handicraft boutiques and souvenir shops or visiting the local market, beauty salons, etc. You can also relax at one of the several bars, casinos or coffee shops, many of them providing wireless internet, in addition to the locales specifically designed to provide this service.

You may wish to take Spanish lessons, yoga classes, or get your skin-diving certification by joining a group taking lessons from PADI certified instructors. You can spend the evening on the beach in a reserve near San Juan del Sur where you can watch thousands of turtles nesting. Or join some of the ex-pat crowd for their twice-weekly water aerobics exercises in one of the swimming pools at a 5-star hotel in town.

San Juan del Sur offers a large selection of accommodations from 5-star hotels to modest hostels. There are three banks and ATM machines and the US dollars are accepted almost everywhere. You will find a small library and a bookstore as well as many centers where you can exchange books. You will also be able to buy or rent videos/DVDs of the latest popular movies.

Your day as a retiree in San Juan del Sur can be as you wish to “design” it: peaceful and laid-back, or filled with enjoyable activities. And such beautiful warm weather ... no more snow shovelling ... no more jackets, boots or gloves... just a relaxing and informal lifestyle.

Why Invest & Retire in Pueblo Santa Fe

This is a unique development in Nicaragua as it has been specifically designed taking in consideration the special needs of an “adult community.”

  • It is private and secure.
  • Less than 5 minutes by car from the town center, beaches, markets, banks, restaurants, medical center, pharmacies, etc. and still in quiet rural surroundings.
  • Easily accessible with its main entrance on a primary road. Taxis regularly serve the area.
  • The flat relief of the area allows you to have pleasant walks around the project.
  • All the advantages of “condo” living while still having the land and house legally in your name.
  • The communal areas (club-house, swimming pool, maintenance building, guard’s booth, streets, sidewalks and green areas) are being looked after by the community maintenance staff.
  • There will also be a small pool of trusted employees (domestics, gardeners and maintenance personnel) whom you can hire by the hour/day should you desire to have help with maintaining your house and/or gardens.
  • By being a member of the Homeowners Association (26 owners in total) you can participate actively in the decision making process for finding solutions to help improve the community. In other words, you have a say in what the association can do or spend in order to maintain your investment and keep the project private and secure.
  • The Association can organize regular medical visits to the site, Spanish classes, tours to visit other parts of the country, etc., as well as any other activities that, as a group, you can enjoy in pleasant company and at a lower cost.
  • You can also become a “nature photographer” or do some “nature wanderings” by only stepping out of the secondary entrance (on the river side) where enormous old trees are regularly visited by howler monkeys and a variety of tropical birds.
  • There will be a 12-unit shopping plaza (Mall) at the entrance of the project; you may want to buy or rent a unit and have a small business should you feel the need to have a more active life.
  • There will be security 24 hours/day and your house and gardens will be looked after even if you are absent for extended periods of time.
  • The developer lives on the project (lot # 26) and this will give you the assurance that the project will be well looked after, as well as having on the premises someone with whom you may like to discuss your interests, or express your concerns, or get precious information about life in Nicaragua.

For all of the above reasons, we invite you to visit us at “Pueblo Santa Fe”. So please contact us when you get to San Juan del Sur (or before) at 8874-2999 or 8906-5666 (country code 505) and we will take you to our Retirement Community where you will see for yourself why “Peace and Tranquility for a Lifetime” is the focus of our project.

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